Max Finger


Max Finger was born in 1952 in Bad Wildungen in Hesse, Germany. He grows up with three sisters in Löhlbach. His parents run the local post office in the village. After his A levels he starts his military service in Kassel in the early seventies. In 1975 he begins his studies of educational science at the University of German Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg. In the first year of his studies Max comes out. Two years later he leaves university to go back to the troops where he serves as a trainer for recruts till the early eighties in Munster. His last rank is lieutenant. He decides to leave the army and begins an occupational re-training as travel agent in Hamburg. After three years of training he starts a new job as administrator at an inscurance company in Hamburg. In 1995 he is diagnosed with HIV. Due to increasing health reasons he enters early retirment in 1999. One year later he moves to Berlin, where he still lives today.